Smoked Mackerel Pate

A simple nutritious pate packed full of healthy Omega 3 oils, this is easy to make and great spread on a crusty bread and on a crisp lettuce leaf. I have also used it as a sandwich filler served in pitta bread pockets. This dish is pretty unforgiving. You could try adding your own favourite things such as peppers, radish, spring onions, horseradish, capers, olives and so on and come up with your own recipe. This pate tastes great without any herbs but dill goes well with this or depending on your choice you could add chives, parsley or coriander too. How creamy or smooth you want it is up to you too. The following is a loose guide of the process rather than a strict recipe.

Smoked mackerel fillets = 200 gms (about 3 fillets)
Crème fraîche =150 gm
Juice of half a Lemon
Small handful of herb of your choice like parsley or chive (finely chopped) (optional)
Cayenne Pepper (optional) = 1tsp
Black pepper to taste
Skin the fish and remove any visible bones. Break into flakes using a fork. Add the remaining ingredients except for the herbs and mix well breaking it into smaller flakes as you go along. Adjust seasoning and add the chopped coriander. Give it another good mix and mix in the lemon juice. You could mix this in a blender to give a much smoother texture but I prefer mine done like this. If you please you could also add 150 grams of crème fraîche and 100 gram cream cheese for a smoother and creamier texture. You could also blend half the fish and mash the other half with a fork. Serve with crusty bread or on top of salad.




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